I might be having writer's block
since my thoughts seem to be locked
in a safe far away from home
in a safe that isn't my own.

I might be experiencing a nervous breakdown
but they told me it would only last for the first
35 years of my lifetime.

So that's when I turn to my wife
to experiment with a little social

They told me I'd be good at what I do,
little did they know I was role playing the

What's there to do just now
when my wife has left me with nothing
being such a cow.

Sure there's always Oprah,
but how many times should I stay home
watching sentimental values
and celebs living in Rome.

This is my letter to you
expressing my point of view
hoping you will understand
and you will give me your hand.

That's it for now and I promise you
that my life will get back on track
if only I ever decide to get off my
butt crack.

A star on the rott...

Για να έχει λόγο και η άλλη πλευρά!

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